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Hoshizaki Water Supply Pipe 3H1414G01

Hoshizaki: IM25LE ..

£18.95 £12.95 Inc VAT: £15.54

Hoshizaki Water Supply Pipe 3X3463G02

IM65LE and IM50J, For old style machines with angled (90 degree) water solenoid. Previously 3H1399G02. Please check type of water valve before ordering, this part is not suitable for newer machines with straight water valve. ..

£33.85 £16.95 Inc VAT: £20.34

Hoshizaki Water Plate 208020G01 Out Of Stock

Hoshizaki Water Plate 208020G01

Water Plate for Hoshizaki IM240 Models. Check Cube Size Before Ordering. ..

£235.40 £185.00 Inc VAT: £222.00

Hoshizaki Cam Shaft 4H2589G01


£28.42 £12.95 Inc VAT: £15.54

Hoshizaki Water Inlet Valve 458548-01

Fits Hoshizaki AM25 ..

£32.45 £18.95 Inc VAT: £22.74

Hoshizaki Water Inlet Valve 459011-01

Water inlet valve for Hoshizaki AM50 and AM75 only. ..

£21.95 £18.95 Inc VAT: £22.74

Hoshizaki Suction Tube 4X7937-01


£12.49 £3.65 Inc VAT: £4.38

Hoshizaki AM25 Bin Thermostat

Hoshizaki AM25 Bin Thermostat 422258-01 ..

£36.45 £12.95 Inc VAT: £15.54

Icematic Harvest Motor Assembly 81442072

Icematic: N140, N150 ..

£173.95 £124.95 Inc VAT: £149.94

Scotsman Hot Gas Valve Body 620306 46

Scotsman: AC225 Scotsman: AC176, AC206, AC226 Scotsman: MC15, MC16, MC46 Simag: SC120 Simag: SD125, SD210 ..

£74.95 £49.95 Inc VAT: £59.94

Scotsman Hot Gas Valve Body 620306 22

Barline: B20, B21 Scotsman: AC45 Scotsman: AC46 Scotsman: ICE ONE Simag: SD30 ..

£39.45 £19.45 Inc VAT: £23.34

Scotsman Hot Gas Valve Body 620306 27

Barline: B30, B31, B40, B50, B65, B90 Scotsman: AC55, AC85, AC105, AC125, AC175 Scotsman: AC56, AC86, AC106, AC126 Scotsman: ICE TWO, ICE THREE Simag: SC30, SC40, SC70 Simag: SD40, SD60, SD80 ..

£48.95 £19.45 Inc VAT: £23.34

Simag R85 Bin Door

Stainless Steel Bin Door for Simag R85 Ice Bin. Comes fitted with gasket and full-length hinge.   Simag Part no. 81460374 Click here for matching R85 door surround.   ..

£237.69 £124.95 Inc VAT: £149.94

Simag R85 Door Surround

Simag R85 Bin Door Surround part no. 81460379. Replacement Simag R85 Bin Door is also available.   ..

£162.73 £89.65 Inc VAT: £107.58