Castel Hot Gas Valve Coil

Hot gas valve coil, fits all the following models:

Brema: CB184, CB246, CB249, CB316, CB416, CB425, CB640, CB840, CB955, CB1265, CB1565
Brema: C80, C150, C300
Brema: VB250, VM350, VM500, VM900
DC Series: DC20-4, DC25-6, DC30-10, DC35-16, DC45-25, DC55-25, DC70-40, DC100-60, DC130-65, DC155-65
DC Series: DC90, DC155, DC300
DC Series: DCV105-35, DCV140, DCV225, DCV415
Icematic: N120M, N131M, N200M, N201M, N300M, N301M, N401M, N500M, N501M
Maidaid: M22-5, M30-10, M34-16, M42-16, M50-25, M65-40, M90-55, M130-65, M155-65
Maidaid: MC80, MC150, MC300
Maidaid: MVM350, MVM500, MVM900
Newscan: NS22, NS30, NS36, NS55, NS70, NS100, NS140, CM350, CM650
NTF: CM350, CM650
NTF: SL35, SL50, SL60, SL70, SL90, SL110, SL140, SL180, SL260, SL280, SL350
NTF: CM150
NTF: CVC230, CV305, CV475, CV950
Parry: PIM20, PIM25, PIM29, PIM34, PIM43, PIM53, PIM68, PIM130, PIM155
Scotsman: MV300, MV450, MV600, MV800, MV1000
Simag: SV130, SV135, SV210, SV215, SV310, SV315, SV530, SV535

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Castel Hot Gas Valve Coil

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